Book Review: Keep Walking – Never Look Back by Linda Jones

Keep Walking - Never Look Back

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Genre: Non-Fiction, Autobiography

My Rating: 3.5 stars

I received this book from Publishing Push in exchange for an honest review.

Keep Walking – Never Look Back is the autobiography of author Linda Jones. The book starts with the story of her bitter childhood. It follows as she shares the various problems of her life including her uncaring family. She also tells us about her struggles with poverty and relationships.

 The book is very depressing in the beginning. Even though I really felt for the narrator, it was really hard to continue reading. However, as the book went on my interest picked up and I wanted to know more about her life.

The writing was okay.The book is written in a continuous narrative. It isn’t very expressive and has not been made interesting in any way.

Throughout the book, we come to know how she is constantly struggling with her life. We come to know how strong she is and how she survives on her own. The book even gets frustrating at times as we see her making the same mistakes again and again but then realize that she’s only human. It is bizarre to know how much she endured and how far she came in her life.

There is a lot we can learn from this book. It teaches us to pick ourselves up again no matter how many times life beats us down. The author’s story is heartbreaking. It touched my heart and made me root for her. I liked that it ended on a happy note.

Even though I am overall glad that I read this book, its not something I would read more of.

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