Alice in Wonderland By Lewis Caroll

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This book was completely insane.                                                                                                        

In the beginning, I was wondering again and again as to what the hell am I reading. A lot of things were happening very fast. There wasn’t a moment in the book when something wasn’t happening. It was funny and eventually, I started to enjoy it.

Before reading this book, I had heard how the characters of this book are iconic but for me, none of the characters stood out. It could be because they were all equally crazy.

This book is like a bizarre fairy tale. I had a lot of fun reading it even though it got ridiculous at times. It was not as good as I expected. I always have high expectations from classics and this book is loved by many people so I was hoping to get more out of it. I interpret the story as a dream of just having one day in your life filled with crazy adventures like Alice had.

I rate it 3 stars.

What were your thoughts on this book?



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  1. Only 3 ?? 🙈🙈
    I remeber reading it in my childhood and I still Love it ❤
    However, I havent read it recently so may be.. not sure …

  2. I had read this story when I was 9. Totally fascinated by the adventures of Alice I used to imagine my self as her. Your review about the book is good.

  3. I love “Alice in Wonderland.” In many ways it’s a very scary and nightmarish book with a sinister undertone. I mean there is a queen who beheads people over the most trivial of matters. There are oysters who are abducted, – which makes one think of a kidnapping – or is that in “Alice Through the Looking Glass?” And we have a baby who turns into a pig. It’s actually a fairly scary book in many aspects. I love the 1988 Czech film of it that portray the nightmarish aspect.

  4. I think a lot of people enjoy Alice because of nostalgia – but you’re right, it’s not like many of the other classics! Nice review 🙂

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