Demons in my Mind: When Mind Becomes Our Biggest Enemy by Aashish Gupta

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to tell you guys about a psychological thriller book that I’m currently reading and enjoying. I will be reviewing it soon. Here’s everything you need to know:


  • Title: Demons In My Mind: When Mind Becomes Our Biggest Enemy
  • Author: Aashish Gupta
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Paperback length: 224 pages: Second edition (15 March 2018)
  • Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP

About The Book

Rizwan, an ordinary young boy, loses his only friend, Ayeda, to a human trafficking racket. Little he knows that he lost more than a friend. He lost his sanity. He meets people he is not sure are real. Will his insanity tip him off the edge? Or push him towards humanity’s greater good?

In this macabre account of criminal turned monks, you will see the cause of all human sufferings. The stories will force you to reflect if your own mind is a product of false perceptions and ill-formed ideas.

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About The Author

Aashish Gupta

Aashish is an engineering and finance graduate from Symbiosis, Pune. He has been working in the consulting and technology research industry for over five years, but his heart lies in creative endeavors. Introspection led him to conclude that the imaginative half of his brain always won over the logical half and thus began his journey as a fiction writer. He likes to squeeze the most pressing issues in simple, heart touching poems.

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