Dreams and Rory Gilmore

In the show Gilmore Girls, when Rory said, “I just want to be sure that I see…something” when Headmaster Charleston asked her why she wanted to be a journalist, I really felt that.

She was a sheltered small-town girl. I’m a sheltered big town girl.

And perhaps our similarities end there since I certainly don’t have a caffeine junkie mom, two boys who like me, or acceptance letters from Ivy Leagues, but I understood and felt that single sentence she said, perhaps more than any other fast-talking monologues she and her mother blessed us with in that show.

Like Rory, I have endlessly read books about characters from around the world, across ages, continents, and world-views. But it’s not even just the books I have read or the shows I have watched.

It’s a thirst. A desire. For sips of the ocean that is this world. For experiences big and small, weird and happy, that I will add to my soul.

I long to open new doors. I long to gauge the intensity of the different hands I shake.

When I’m standing in front of something, I long to think I dreamt of this over and over. And I long to leave pieces of my own. Give back to this world that I crave so much of.

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