Balraj by Manoj V. Jain (Book Review)


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  • Genre: Spirituality
  • Publisher: Notion Press
  • Pages: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Giveaway
  • My Rating: 4 stars

It’s always interesting to read books about mid-life crisis and Balraj by Manoj V. Jain is one of them.

Inder is 47. He has a stressful but well-paying job. His relationship with his wife and his family has become very There is not much in his life that he finds joy in. Finally, he decides to pack up his bags and leave his home.

I liked how Inder didn’t just suddenly leave. That would have been unrealistic. He carefully planned for 6 months and then left.

The book is engaging right from the start. I didn’t have high expectations from this book and so I was pleasantly surprised at how well-written it was. I liked the usage of advertisement taglines as signs and omens. The author’s descriptions were excellent.

The book doesn’t have a very original concept but nevertheless, I think the author really did it well. The author mentions at the beginning of this book that it is based on a real person and I don’t find that hard to believe since the events in the book weren’t over the top.

I highly enjoyed reading Balraj’s journey, the places he went to and the people he met. I love the fact that the book is fast-paced and short. It wraps up perfectly and I liked the ending as well.

While the main theme of the book is that you need to find and love yourself, I couldn’t help but wonder a few things while reading it such as- Was it really fair for him to just leave? He did have a family after all to whom he was accountable to. What effect must have been of his leaving on his wife and son? What if something bad happened to them while he was away? Things aren’t so simple and for that, I cannot think the story is perfect.

I’m glad that there is a sequel where we read the story from Inder’s wife Ramona’s perspective.

Balraj is thought-provoking and delves into the need for happiness and contentment in life. The narrative is addictive and you would not be able to stop reading the book. I highly recommend it.


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