Faith’s Eternal Sunshine by Aashish Gupta – A Psychological Thriller about Faith

Faith's Eternal Sunshine

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  • Genre: Thriller, Spiritual
  • Source: Review Copy
  • Format: Kindle
  • Pages: 175
  • Publication Date: November 9th 2018
  • My Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads Blurb


Manjiri, a devout atheist, is meeting her friend Manu after 20 years. Their conversation soon turns into an argument over God’s existence, and its nature. What seemed to be a harmless debate becomes Manjiri’s worst nightmare when she is trapped by Manu in a cell. Are Manu’s intentions malign or is this some weird test of faith? Take a seat, buckle your belt, as you set yourself on the world’s most claustrophobic, yet enlightening, journey of Manjiri. Be prepared to see life in a radically different way with this bold, edge of the seat thriller.

My Thoughts

Faith’s Eternal Sunshine was a highly anticipated book for me as I had loved the author’s debut novel Demons In My Mind. This book is quite different from the author’s previous work, but it is similar in two aspects- It has a horror/thriller element and it shows the complexity of human beings.

The author starts by mentioning in his preface that through this book, he tries to address the question of who God is and if they exist. He tells something that many people and I may agree with- that there is no definite answer to this question. His purpose through this book is to explore why we should believe in god and maybe find some answers to our questions. All curious beings, including me, can relate to this and so, I was hoping to find some insight through this book.

The book starts with Manu and Manjiri, two friends, heading towards an island. Manu had given up his career and decided to live a life of seclusion. Manjiri has had a very hard and traumatic life leading her to not believe in God. They are two very different people who develop a close bond.

Like the author’s previous book, this also had an unusual plot. Within the ongoing story, the main characters talk about their perspectives on faith. I felt that a majority of what Manu said was true. Soon enough, the plot took a very unexpected turn and the book got a lot darker.

This book also shows a lot of atrocities and cruelties done by human beings. A similar pattern of the author’s books is that they show the darkest parts of the human psyche.

One has to be open-minded to understand this book. We need to have the urge to really think about life and the various questions we ask ourselves. The book also touches upon death, freedom and the purpose of life.

The only thing I did not like was that the plot got confusing at times. The ending was unexpected. The cover made sense by the end.

What I learned from this book- My past is meaningless. The impact I make in this world is what matters.

This is one book that I will revisit in the future.

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