Timepass – Story of Internet Addiction by Amit Joshi (Book Review)

Book Review - Timepass-Story of Internet Addiction by Amit Joshi

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  • Source: Review Copy
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 325
  • Publication Date:  2018
  • My Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads Blurb

You might be unaware of the perils of Internet Addiction. It was a light and ridiculous term for Shikhar too until it gripped him. Once he came to know of its crippling nature, life changed for him.

Is Internet Addiction a reality or an exaggerated non-issue? To answer this question, Shikhar will lead you into the mysterious world of Dr. NET NOT, where everything is available except the seductive Internet.

Will Shikhar be able to get rid of his Internet Addiction? Or will it lead his whole life in the virtual universe of likes and emojis?

TIMEPASS is a captivating & beautiful story which strikes on the subconscious mind of teenagers, youngsters and adults. After reading the book, you’d be able to judge for yourself whether passing your time on the internet is really that harmless or not.

My Thoughts

Timeless – Story of Internet Addiction by Amit Joshi starts with Shikhar introducing himself and telling us about his life, a majority of which revolves around his smartphone.

The author narrates in great detail what all we do when we get on the Internet and on our phones step-by-step. At first, I didn’t like reading every single detail of what Shikhar did after he came home from work. But then I had the terrible realization that this is the reality of most of us. The author was basically showing our thought process in today’s time regarding Internet usage. Seeing how most of our days go by written like that made me realize this really isn’t a pretty picture.

This is a translated version of the book. The writing is quite simple and there is definitely room for improvement. However, it was not something that hindered me from reading the story.

Shikhar was a very restless person. He kept making a fuss over the smallest things and was very impatient. He would sabotage making real relationships and having experiences because of his Internet addiction.

Shikhar as the protagonist was extremely overwhelming to read about. He seemed to be stuck in a loop. All his problems came from the excessive use of his smartphone and even to find solutions, he would turn to Google. He was an extreme case of someone being addicted to the Internet. The book shows his transformation to a more aware person. He comes to terms with his addiction and seeks a solution.

Reading this book was an eye-opening experience for me. The lack of an engaging writing style can definitely be ignored because of the intention and purpose of the book. It made me question many things about my own habits and dreams. Even if someone is not addicted to the Internet, most of us waste a significant amount of time on it. Before we know it, days and months and even years pass by in this way. The frightening part is that we don’t even realize while it’s happening. 

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. All of us have a different relationship with the Internet and technology but each of us needs to ensure that we use them constructively. We need to make sure that the Internet is not controlling us and instead, we are using it to make our lives better.

You can visit the author’s website https://internetaddictionblog.com/ to gain more knowledge on this subject and for solutions.

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