The Things You Love – #NaPoWriMo Day 6

The things you love.
Become such an integral part
Of your being
Of your life
Of your happiness
That you can no longer figure out,
How to separate yourself from them.

But why should you separate yourself from them?
What if every book you read creates your soul, piece by piece?
What if every song you love sings about your life, all you’ve been through ?
What if every place you love tells what you’ve loved and lost, the memories you’ve made?

It is easy to get completely lost,
While trying to stand out

Let’s just be instead.
Let the things we love speak for us,
When we are too tired to.
Let them hide us.
And comfort us,
When we cannot bear the world anymore.
Let them make us.
Because what are we doing?
If not creating our self,
In this journey.

It’s okay if you don’t like the things I like.
It’s okay if you think that’s all I am.
While you might be busy figuring out,
What’s cool enough to like and what’s not.
You’ll miss out on all that I have created,
While letting the things I love create me.


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