When The New Dawn Breaks – #Napowrimo Day 9

Your mother’s kiss when you leave the house
Walking towards the metro station
Staring at the sky and breathing
Anxiety of the day ahead fading away

The sound of your footsteps on the pavement
Laughter of children playing in the streets
Warmth of the people you meet everyday
The slightly inappropriate jokes you laugh at with others
Little light-hearted moments breaking the monotony of each day
The street food you gobble for the fiftieth time

The rush of the city
Hope of dreams fulfilled
Lovers walking by without a care in the world
The ride back, your favorite album blaring in your ears
Greeting you like a faithful companion
The sound of your bustling home
Your mother’s food
Full of health and love
Even tiredness after a long hard day
With fulfillment of another day lived

Most of all, the wide sky
The green trees
The breeze on your face
A slice of freedom

Things you usually reject
Now no amount of wishing could give you

Every little thing that forms a part of your life
Every little thing that adds comfort and joy
You don’t realize its presence until its gone
You don’t appreciate it until you no longer have it

When the new dawn breaks
There will be hugs and cries and kindness
So much more kindness
For each other other, for ourselves
Laughter that is free
Love would be given without restrictions

Because you don’t know
If someday, there may be no one to give your love to


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