Look Back, But Move Forward More – #NaPoWriMo Day 12

Wait a moment
Look behind you
Shh..stay quiet. You’ll wake it up.
Do you see that?
That shadow of you
It’s always there
A silent presence
It only becomes louder when you turn back
And look

Why that puzzled face?
Of course it looks like you
It’s your past, dear
Don’t worry though
It’s not exactly like you
It’s just a small reflection
No no, stop
I didn’t tell you to start comparing
That’s not why we looked back
Just observe

It’s there as a presence
It’s there because it existed
It’s not there to hold you back
It’s not asking you to stay
So why do you keep running towards it?
Slow down.
Or you’ll fall
While trying to hold on to it

Hey, don’t panic,
I know it looks unclear
It’s fading away a bit
But you don’t have to worry
It’s always gonna be there
Sometimes, it’ll  make you smile
Sometimes, it’ll  make you hurt
That’s okay

But my dear, you cannot let it stop you
You cannot let it hold you back
See, it has some parts missing
The parts that you have now
You are whole
You don’t need to rush back all the time
Take comfort in those memories
Discuss what you both have learnt
All you guys need,
Is a healthier relationship
But make it rare
Look back
But move forward more

– Tavleen

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