At 3 o’clock late – #NaPoWriMo 3

It started years ago.
You talked my ear off.
But you listened just the same.
They’re right when they say,
You should take things slow.

It all went wrong,
When you threw in my face,
The words I had whispered.
To no one but you,
At 3 o’clock late.

I was to be blamed,
But not for what you said.
I told you too many truths,
Master manipulator.
Was plastered all over that pretty face.

Story of my life,
Guess you didn’t mean,
To make me the villain,
But boys like you I’ve seen.

Sorry doesn’t make you weak,
Love doesn’t make you mean.
If I had known,
The consequences of that smirky face,
I would’ve just gone to sleep,
At 3 o’clock late.

– Tavleen

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