July 2017 Wrap-Up & Blogging Update

Hey everyone! You may or may not have noticed that I posted less times this month than usual. Those of you who have read my post Stressed by reading and blogging (Sharing my thoughts) will know that I needed a break. I considered this month as a little break from blogging. I wrote a couple of posts in the beginning of the month and scheduled them to be posted throughout July. I wish I could say that my break is over but it isn’t. The reasons- I really really need to study, managing studying, reading and blogging is becoming way too stressful, I’m not feeling the best these days, I’m trying to be strong and positive but its hard, my laptop just broke down so its going to be very hard to post.

This update is just to give you all a heads up that there might be lesser posts this month. I will still be reading so I’ll be posting reviews. I hope this blog still gets love even if I’m not very active.

Now onto my wrap-up for July.