My Reading More Diversely Jar / My Ultimate TBR Jar

For the last couple of  years it has been quite a trend to make TBR (to-be-read) lists and jars in the book community. I had a list for 2015 and was successful in completing most of them. However, this year i didn’t want to put pressure on myself and just wanted to take my time with the books i read. I wanted to discover stories that stayed with me and made me glad that i read them. But underneathall that there was still this huge list of books that i had always wanted to read. There were series i wanted to start and series i needed to complete. There were genres that i had not read anything from and wanted to try them.

So from all this came my ultimate tbr jar.


Its just an old jar with pictures of tulips on it that i had lying around my house. I wrote the names of the books and tasks on colored slips and put in it.Once i’m done with a slip i paste it in my journal. This jar has pretty much everything that i have ever wanted to read and i still put slips in it occasionally. I don’t have a schedule as to how i use it since i don’t want too much pressure on my reading so i use it whenever i want to and sometimes the books i read just match with the slips. My main goal with this jar is to read more diversely and to bring down my tbr list.

This jar contains a lot of slips so I’ve put them into categories.


1.Books and Series

This has unread books and series as well as the ones i want to re-read



This contains new authors i want to try and authors i want to read more from.

3. Reading challenges and tasks



Let me know your thoughts down below.

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