Review: The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh

The Portrait of a Lady

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Khushwant Singh is one of the most acclaimed writers of Indian literature. I have been meaning to read his works for a while and finally got the opportunity when I had to read his short story, The Portrait of a Lady for school. It is actually part of a collection of stories by the same name. However, I only read this story and I’m going to talk about it only.

The story is short and beautiful. It is about the relationship of the narrator with his grandmother. It shows how deep their connection is and how it changed through time.

I was truly amazed by how much I liked a story that is so short. The writing is lyrical and flows beautifully. Emotions reflect through the beautiful phrases. The physical descriptions of the characters and the portrayal of sentiments through his writing was amazing! I really look forward to reading more works of this author.

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