Guest Post: 3 Ways to Fight the Block by Max E. Stone

It happens to the best of us.
One moment, we’re going along our merry way, brainstorming and inventing for books, works, projects, and the like.

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And then we hit the wall.

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The ideas, without warning, just stop.
When this happens, there are three ways I personally use to fight the block when it comes on.

1. Walk Away

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It may seem like an easy one, but it took me years to learn.
Sometimes, it is necessary to walk away from the project or page in favor of a walk, exercise session, cooking a meal, or anything you like that has no relation to the tasks with which you are struggling. When I walk away, I time myself during the course of this and then get back to it. I’ve found that it works well for me.

2. Time Yourself

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And do not go over this time.
This, I’ve found, is particularly helpful for writing. During my own writing time, I set my clock for about 30 to 45 minutes in conjunction with a playlist filled with everything from classical to jazz.
Then I just go, writing and not stopping until the time runs out. This helps me get out every last idea out of my head.

3. Read

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 This goes for any project whether it has to do with writing or not. The act of reading has many benefits including the reduction of stress as well as increasing knowledge and stimulating one’s mind. I’ve found that reading anything for an hour whether that it be a book or an article freshens my mind and gets the thoughts jumping again in the face of a block.


About Max E. Stone

Max doesn’t remember ever not creating a story, pen or no pen.

A writer and lover of books since the age of nine, Max first set pen to page as a hobby, constructing stories that were anything but fit for children. Entertaining classmates while simultaneously concerning surrounding adults with blood-ridden tales of gory mysteries and heavy suspense that “just came to mind”, Max, with the help of family and the encouraging words of an inspiring fifth grade teacher, continue to develop this gift.

Little was it known at the time, but said gift would become a lifeline.

From horrific trauma in Max’s teen years, writing played an instrumental part in the difficult recovery and the Warrens, Bennetts, and Johnsons, three interconnected families all with issues, mysteries, and secrets that threaten their livelihood and lives,were born.

Max reads everything and everyone and relishes the journey, learning something new each day.


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