Bookish Discovery This Week (Introducing A New Meme)

Hey everyone! My amazing friend Mridula from Ecstatic yet Chaotic came with a great idea for a book meme. We put out heads together and this is what we created:

Name of the meme: Bookish Discovery of this Week

Hosted by: Ecstatic yet Chaotic and Travelling Through Words


Every Thursday, we talk about something new that we discovered which is book related. It can be something that is recently created or discovered or it can be something old that you just discovered or you are interested in. It can be a book you just read or added to your tbr. It can also be an author, genre, poem, story, word, character, a new trend etc. Basically anything that is related to books. You can also share some news or talk about something that caught your eye.

You can do this every Thurday or just whenever you want to.

If you’re not a blogger or just don’t want to make a blog post, you can also post on Twitter and Instagram, just use the hashtag #bookishdiscoverythisweek.

The only rules are this:

Link back to our blogs.

If you’re making a post on Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag and tag us if possible. This will help us to spread the word around and also make it easier to find your posts.

I’m leaving out social media handles below for you to reach us or tag us.

Twitter: @tavleensoni

Instagram: @tavleen_words

Twitter: @gupta_mridula

Instagram: @ecstatic_yet_chaotic

You can also check Mridula’s post here.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them below!

We are very excited about this and we invite all you bibliophiles to join us:)

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  1. Hey there, Tavleen! What a terrific idea this is. 🙂 It’s always great to go out and discover new things (and what better “things” than literature of kind? Glorious words lol). Even better to be able to share them with others when you find one you really like. I haven’t gotten into the bookish memes yet, as I try to post mainly my own writing or tag posts, but this is one that I will be keeping in mind if I ever do start participating in them.. 🙂

    I’m new to your blog, by the way — wonderful little space you have here! ^^ Beautiful header.

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