Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel (Book Review)

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  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publisher: Macmillan India
  • Release Date: March 9, 2017
  • Pages: 320
  • My Rating: 3.5 stars

Dangerous Games is my first read by Danielle Steel. It is a mystery/thriller- romance book which is a genre I’ve never been interested in but for this book, I decided to go with the hype and gave it a try.

The book follows Alix who is a journalist and her college and cameraman Ben. They travel to various cities covering stories. Alix discovers a secret about a powerful politician and the book follows its aftermath.

Alix was a remarkable character. She’s a fearless reporter in her late 30s and especially likes to cover dangerous stories. Her motive is always to bring the true face of the world to the people and she is very dedicated to her work. The only family she has is her daughter and mother. She has a strong professional bond with Ben.

The author describes Alix in great admiration which at times, was too much. I think she was trying to convey that there are good journalists out there who actually care about other people’s stories and not just their show’s ratings.

Since Alix is a journalist, we see the influence of politics and media on the lives of characters and I think that is an important theme of the book.

I loved how the author portrayed her as a woman who was 100% dedicated to her work but she didn’t neglect her daughter and mother either and gave them sufficient attention. It showed her human side and made us have a soft spot for her.

Such a strong female character was one of the things I liked about the book

I really liked Been as well. He was an ex- Navy SEAL and now a cameraman and Alix’s faithful companion. He and Alix were perfect partners together. He looked out for Alix when required. Their relationship based on being only work colleagues was very refreshing.

However, as the book progresses, their affection for each other grows.

Olympia Foster was the wife of late Bill Foster.
She was a kind and gentle woman. She was still mourning her husband’s death and was living cut off from the world. She faces many struggles throughout the book but I was satisfied with how everything turned out for her towards the end.

Tony Clark is the vice president and a very manipulative man. Alix finds out that there is something suspicious about him and sets out to find it. He is also a close friend of Olympia Foster.

The book flows smoothly and is very slow paced. There is not much action. There are many long passages that are just the narration of the characters lives or feelings and I found this trait in the author’s writing very distinct. Even though it was quite slow, I did enjoy the writing.

Towards the end, the book really seemed to drag on and I there wasn’t anything much exciting despite the revelations. The ways things ended between Alix and Ben were a little disappointing. It was like the author couldn’t make up her mind about whether to let them be just friends or something more.

I did enjoy the book but it didn’t hold my attention all the time. I found the plot weak and there was a lack of excitement. I liked the characters and how different they were. I was enjoying the author’s writing style too but it started to drag out too much.

I recommend this book if you’re looking for a slow-burn enjoyable read.


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