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Hi guys! How are you all doing?

So I’m taking reading a bit slowly these days. This is because I don’t have many review copies that need to be immediately finished and I’m trying to get some studying done.

If you guys didn’t know, I read multiple books at a time. Earlier it used to be because I was already reading a physical book, ebook and an audiobook but now, it is more because I can’t seem to finish a book unless I force myself too. I quickly lose interest in a book and due to this, I have 7 unfinished books at the moment. I decided to share these with you today so let’s get started-

1. A Game Of Thrones by George R.R Martin

Progress: 340/881 pages read

I started this book about a month ago and I’m actually happy with how much progress I’ve made. While this book isn’t book, it not very fast paced either. I think the only problem is that after watching the show, the book seems less exciting. Despite this, I am enjoying reading it.

2. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Progress: 68/836 pages read

I’m finally re-reading Gone With the Wind and this time, I’m listening it on audio. This gigantic book is going to take me a lot of time to finish so I’m not even trying to rush it. The audiobook is really good despite me being unable to understand some words because of the accents.

3. A Study In Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

Progress: 60/120 pages read

This is also a re-read. The problem with me reading classics is that I’m only able to read them when the mood strikes and I lose attention towards them soon after that. I am enjoying reading this book and it is at a good pace so hopefully, I’ll finish it this month.

4. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Progress: 110/299 pages read

Another re-read. This book deserved to be read by me atleast one more time. It feels good to be back to Anne’s head again. This book is short so I hope I finish it soon.

5. The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons

Progress: 126/637 pages read

I started this book only a week back. I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this book so I decided to finally read it and see for myself.

6. Untouchable by Mulk Raj Anand

Progress: 96/148 pages read

I’m very close to finishing this book and I really hope I do so soon. The writing of this book is very rich so it makes for a slow read. Still, this is a remarkable book and I want to see how it ends.

I need some serious motivation to finish these books. What are you all currently reading?

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      1. I haven’t made much progress. I’m like 60 pages into the book. So far it’s good. Not a usual crime/mystery novel. It’s more about how people go on with their lives after a tragedy. I find it a tad bit slow, but that might be entirely because the author wants us to know every little detail about every character.

  1. Daang, 7 books at once? I can honestly only focus on 1 book at a time, and I often forget where I left out at till I open the book again.
    And I’m surprised you’re making yourself reading the books- if I don’t like a book(the plot, the speed and all) in the starting few chapters then I just leave the book. I guess I’m sorta picky that way :p

    1. Reading one book at a time- how I miss those days 😀 You don’t use a book mark or dog ear pages that you forget where you left?
      I actually like all of these books even if they’re slow. The problem is with me actually, my mind is too restless to focus on just one book. I intend to finish all of these and that’s why only I’m continuing them. If I weren’t liking them at all, I would’ve given up too! Good thing is I’ve already finished two of these 😀

      1. Yea lol, I use bookmarks or I just try to stop at the end of a chapter(and I’m able to remember a single number xD).
        Nice! Since I’m usually picky on the sort of book I wanna read, then I get hooked onto a series and I really want to finish the book so that I can read the next book.
        I’m more of a series guy, rather than standalone books. But if I also read single books, I guess I could get sort of bored of a same plot and want something fresh.

        1. Trust me. Your reading habits are way better than mine. Its good to be picky and its great that you can get hooked on a series and binge read it. I used to do that too but now I barely read or finish series.
          I do love series but now I’m more into stand-alones. I know they can be repetitive but there are some great and unique standalones out there.

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