My Reading Journey

Hi everyone. I hope you all are doing well.

Since the year is coming to an end I decided to sit back and look through my reading journey and see how my tastes have changed. Luckily, I have almost always kept a track of the books I have read either through Goodreads or writing them down in my diary.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

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I have always enjoyed reading. I started by reading storybooks such as Moral Stories For Children, fairytales, Panchtantra and also by reading the stories in my school books. From then I started exploring my school library and just read whatever interested me from there. Soon after that, I borrowed the Harry Potter series from one of my classmates and also read the Twilight series. I’m not sure which one I read first but I was already a Potterhead since I had watched the movies. This is the time when I became a voracious reader and actually fell in love with books. After this started my Young Adult phase.

From then on I basically started looking for a lot of YA books and I first read the Percy Jackson series while continuing to read random books from the library.

In the beginning of 2014, I read some YA fantasy books and a lot of contemporary. Then I got obsessed with Wattpad and spent the rest of the year reading mostly teen fiction books from there.

In 2015, I realized that I had really wasted a lot of time reading just the same kind of books and luckily I grew out of Wattpad and hardly read from there again. This year was a mix of Young Adult, contemporary, a few classics, some graphic novels and a lot of New Adult Romance books which I got hooked too. Even though I wasted a lot of time reading the same romance stories, 2015 was a good year since I read a lot of different authors and explored some new genres.

2016 is a mix of a lot of New Adult, some YA, and a few random books.

Now lets come to this year that is coming to an end. It consisted of mostly review copies, very few romance, some awesome YA contemporary audiobooks, 3 classics, thrillers and lots of newly released books by Indian authors. I won’t say that this was a bad year because I read some really good books but it wasn’t perfect either and that’s okay for now. I just think I spent most of the time reading review copies and I want to change that from the coming year. I also want to be pickier when it comes to books and read different types of books so that I make the most of my reading experience.


I tag all of you bookworms to share your reading journey with us. Whether it is through a blog post or commenting down below, do whatever you prefer!


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  1. When I read your story as a reader, I almost felt like I was reading bits of my own story. Wattpad, YA and contemporary romance and lot of review books this year are common in our reading journey!

  2. Wattpad – is also where I started reading on. I don’t clearly remember whether it was the college first year or the high school days – is when I had learn about Wattpad.

  3. Damn. We’ve all had that wattpad phase, no? :’) My first book on there was My Wattpad Love. And another series I loved was After. Have you read any of these? 😋

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