Books I Read A Long Time Ago

Hey everyone! How are you all?

I have been reading longer than I’ve been blogging and because of that, there are many books I’ve read but haven’t mentioned them here. So I went down the reading memory lane and made a list of books I read a long time ago. I have divided them into parts and the next one will up soon as well.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series by Ann Brashares

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Sisterhood, #1)

According to me, this is one of the best YA contemporary series out there. The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants is about a group of best friends who find a pair of jeans in a thrift store that somehow fit all of them. They all go to different places for the summer and circulate the pants between them. The reason I loved this story so much is the friendship and bond these girls had with each other, Along with friendship, these books explore a lot of other topics as well. I’ve also watched the movies and I have to say I liked them more than I thought I would. I read this series when I was 12 or 13 and I really want to read them again.

House of Night series by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast

Marked (House of Night, #1)

This series was my post-Twilight hangover fix. This is a vampire series with lots of drama and romance and I was so into it. The reason not my many people like it is that it is 12 books long and might have some other problems as well. Today, I wouldn’t dream of finishing a 12-books series but back then I was hooked to this.

 A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M. Martin

This is a really heart-warming book. It is told from the perspective of a stray dog Squirrel and shows us her struggles. This is also quite a sad book but I really recommend it.

Girls series by Jacqueline Wilson

Girls in Love (Girls, #1)

Jaqueline Wilson is a popular British author of children’s books. I stumbled upon this series when I borrowed one of the books from my friend. This is a middle-grade/YA series about a group of girls and the typical problems teens face. Now I’m not sure I would recommend it but I do have to say these books are very relatable to some extent.

Meg Cabot’s stand-alone books

A while ago, I binge read some of Meg Cabot’s books. I didn’t read any of the series like The Princess Diaries but I read the majority of her stand-alones. They were All American Girl, Ready Or Not, Jinx, How To Be Popular, Teen Idol, Pants on Fire, Victoria and the Rogue and Nicola and the Viscount. These were all fun, three-star reads for me. I recommend them if you’re looking for some light-hearted chick-lit books.


That’s it for today since I didn’t want to make this list too long. Hope you enjoyed reading it!


Have you read any of these books? Which books did you read a long time ago?


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  1. I can see some potential reads here. I also read house of night series when I first started reading. But I lost interest around 7th book, I think. I still believe the first 4 books are amazing reads. Have you read the whole series? If yes, do u recommended I move on to the 8th book?

    1. Almost everyone who I’ve seen reading this series gave up at some point😅 Yes, I read the whole series. I really can’t say whether it gets better or not because I don’t remember. If you’re interested, give the 8th book a try. If not, I don’t think you’re losing much by not finishing

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