Demons in my Mind by Aashish Gupta (Book Review)

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  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Publisher:  Kalamos  Literary Services LLP
  • Pages: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Review Copy
  • My Rating: 5 stars

The preface and quote at the beginning of the book instantly draw in the reader.

Dakshesh, an old man with lung cancer meets the mysterious three monks who are impossible to find. It is said that the monks find the lucky person they want to heal. The monks turn out to be former criminals and narrate their story to Dakshesh.


The book provides an insight into the minds of criminals and how a normal person is driven to madness. Bad people are not born mad. Other people or circumstances can make them evil. It shows what depths the human mind can be driven to. There were moments in the book that were terrifying but we know that those things happen in the world and are done just by humans like us.

Through the first monk Rizwan’s story, the book shines a light on poverty and the cruelties against children. Then he describes art in an absolutely amazing way through the second monk Murli’s story.  The author did a fantastic job of keeping the descriptions vivid and captivating. The characters were so thoughtfully created that they are burned in my mind.

The book also shows the power of love and kindness. People who have the least can be the most hopeful. How even the most corrupted minds in the universe can be healed.

Writing and Narrative

I really liked the writing style of the author. He used many unfamiliar words but it didn’t hinder the reading process. I enjoyed the narrative style as well though I think there were a few errors. What really stood out is the author’s usage of poetry between chapters to describe some of the most intense parts which made them all the more vivid. He also uses the format of plays towards the end. i loved that this did not interfere with the narrative at all and just enhanced it.

Overall Verdict

I liked the boldness of the author in his fearless writing. He wrote about things that make people uncomfortable. He wrote about things that happen in the darkest moments of this world.

This book is different and stands out among the many contemporary books being published in India. It touches on mental illness in a different way. It is mysterious, thrilling and gives surprises as well.

This book left me speechless and I feel my words aren’t enough to do justice to it. This is a book you cannot put down. You have to read it from the start till the end to grasp it. It is a very dark and bold book. An unforgettable read and a great book by a debut author.

If you love psychological thrillers and don’t mind reading dark books, pick up this book now!


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