The Last Seychelles Flame by Medha Nagur (Book Review)

The last Seychelles flame by [Nagur, Medha ]

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  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: Kindle
  • Pages: 160
  • Source: Review Copy
  • My Rating: 3 stars

Adrija is a career-oriented 32-year-old woman who gets a job opportunity in Mumbai and accepts it in spite of her parents’ wishes. Soon, she gets a chance to be a part of a photoshoot in Seychelles. She encounters her ex-boyfriend Ronnie who just won’t leave her alone. Despite all the things that go wrong for her, she meets Omkar and the story progresses from there.

The plot was a bit predictable but enjoyable still. I found the romance development to be too fast. I feel if the characters had spent more time with each other and then declared their feelings, it would have been more believable.

I always love characters who are ambitious and focused on their careers. However, I found Adrija to be a little all over the place. She suddenly seemed to be making a lot of progress career wise but readers, we need to believe and see her talent which could have been described better. I couldn’t find Omkar charming. Him being incredibly rich was too cliche.

The writing could be a lot better and enhanced with some editing.

Overall, this is a book short enjoyable romantic read. With some editing, it could be highly improved. The pot was enjoyable. I would recommend it to fans of this genre.


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