Chaos- A Poem

Love, hate, revenge, fear.
The world a bubbling mess of emotions.
I wonder how we ever find peace.
I wonder how we breathe in all this commotion.  

School, college, job, family.
A ladder we believe we need to conquer.
Life cannot be planned. It isn’t straight-forward.
Life is confusion. Hang on a moment longer.

An adventurous story to lose yourself into.
A song to forget what you are going through.
Find your anchor in this wonderful mayhem.
It will be you breath when you think it is the end.

No time to think. No time to breathe.
We run to achieve and we run to win.
Why then do we wonder where our happiness went?
It got lost in the moment that we forgot to live.


Hi everyone! Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this poem. Let me know your thoughts down below and whether or not I should post more of these.


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