Never Enough – #NaPoWriMo Day 19

Why are we so restless?
I cannot count on my fingers the people I have loved in my life.
There are too many
But I can definitely count the times I have felt truly and utterly loved.
There are fewer.

Every friend I have will tell you one quality I posses.
As I would, about them.
So why do our fingers stumble?
While penning down our resume.
Both professional
And the one with the qualifications of our soul.

I have slept peacefully many nights.
With a full belly.
And a full heart.
With dreams reminding me of joyful memories.
Yet, I can only focus on the nightmares.
I discard my blessings like my flaws discard me.
There’s no scoreboard. It’s not a game.
So why do I keep count and why do I compare?
And why are the things I lack always written in bold?

I know the truth.
And so do you.
It always comes back to
Life not giving you enough.
Your achievements not being enough.
You not being good enough.
It’s always the same and we’re all tired.
It’s always
Never enough.

– Tavleen

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