Your Book – #NaPoWriMo Day 16

The demons inside my heart rage day and night.
I purge on paper.
In words.
It purifies me.
And for a moment, I’m reborn.

But you’ll notice
No matter how many times you clean something
It wears down a little.
Leaving behind a trace.
Of aging.
A scar or a stain.
But what can you do?
You can’t let dirt pile up.
You can’t let monsters stay.
Even if they wear you out.

Even guests have to leave sometime.
And when they leave.
While you feel an emptiness.
You savor the peace.
You savor the clarity.
Don’t we all wish we could feel brand-new sometimes?

I grab my mop and I clean again and again
I feel less pure each time
But I still relish it.

– Tavleen

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