My 2015 Reading Review

2015 was a pretty good reading year for me. I read 145 books (I know! Amazing, right?) which were mostly contemporaries. Other than that, I read quite a lot of series- 4 of them Fantasy, few Children and Non-Fiction books and 8 Classics.

I discovered many great authors and i hope to do more of that this year. I also read 5 poems. All of them were for school but i really enjoyed them.

Overall, it was a very satisfactory year. Here are 5 books and series that i loved the most in this year.


1. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare


This series.

This freaking series is a journey.

The Shadow World is so vast that I’m not surprised Cassandra Clare doesn’t get tired of writing in it. It is fascinating with lovable characters, many paranormal creatures and never-ending problems. You can never guess what will happen next.

At some points, the plot and the events in the book felt disorganized.  The six books felt a little dragged out but after finishing with all of them, i was satisfied.

The world is original and nothing like I’ve ever read before.

Also, my favorite character is Magnus Bane.

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2. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell



“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”


This book broke my heart.

It took my heart out and smashed it with  emotions and words.

This book is beautiful and touching. It makes you feel what its like to be an outcast. It tells you how wonderful first love can be, that tiny spark of hope that you might belong with someone.

The characters felt real and different. I loved the slow bonding between Eleanor and Park and how they found love and comfort with each other. I was completely immersed in the story from the beginning. It left be crying my eyes out when i was finished.

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3. The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan


This trilogy follows Carter and Sadie Kane as they find out the truth about their family and are immersed into the world of Egyptian Gods.

I really enjoyed this series! It wasn’t as good as the Percy Jackson series or the Heroes of Olympus series but still pretty good. The first book was my least favorite as it took me some time to get into the Egyptian mythology. I loved the characters and was sad to finish the series. Khufu, the baboon who only ate food that ends with -o was hilarious!

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4. Room by Emma Donoghue


I read this book on a whim. The main thing that drew me to it was that it is narrated by a five-year old. It is about Jack and his mother who have been imprisoned in a room for many years.

This book was amazing. I was hooked from the start. It was emotional and captivating. It was even terrifying at some points. I’ve never been more worried about fictional characters in my life.

At one point in the book, Jack and his mother try to escape the room. I was so terrified for them that I had to put the book down for some time. Jack’s voice made the book quite different from others and even felt a little unreal at some points. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

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5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Cover of the book showing title in white letters against a black background in a banner above a painting of a portion of a tree against a red background


“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”


I’ve always liked Historical Fiction and Classics. I won’t say i’m very experienced in that genre but I’ve mostly enjoyed the ones I have read. So I decided to read To Kill a Mockingbird.

I had heard great things about it and how it was a very important book. I hadn’t read any books that were based in the 1900’s or had racism as one of their main themes.
The thing I want to say is that- I don’t think I fully understood everything the book wanted to say but I loved reading it.

I found Atticus Finch an amazing character and a wonderful father. I loved seeing things through Scout’s eyes and reading about her, Jem and Dill. The tales of Tom Robinson and Boo Radley were sad and touching. I hope to read this book again in the future and understand it better.

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  1. Eleanor and Park was SUPER sweet. I tried the Mortal Instruments recently and got up to City of Glass, but then I kind got sidetracked by another book that came out a week ago that I really wanted to read :/

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