Stressed by reading and blogging (Sharing my thoughts)

I tried hard to think about a topic to write about. Many came to my mind but I just didn’t feel like writing them. There have been a lot of things related to books and blogging on my mind and today I’m gonna share them.

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been really serious about making my blog grow. I made a schedule, I wrote and I posted. I sat down and I read all the review books that were pending and posted their reviews. I’ve been blogging, reading review books and bookstagramming extensively for 5 months now and I love it. I love how many people read my blog, comment and follow it. I love that I’ve been reading from a lot of debut authors. I love that I’ve discovered so many new people.

But despite of all this, I’m feeling burnt out.

There are a lot of things on my mind and I’m gonna share them. Before writing this I thought “Who is even going to read about this stuff” And I don’t know who will but I’m still going to write and post this and I’ll be thankful to anyone who reads this. Right now, I’m writing for myself.

One of the major things that’s been plaguing me is that I’ve been blogging for more than a year and I still haven’t made any friends. Maybe I’m stupid to think this but it was one of the reasons that I started blogging, to make friends who love books and just talk to people. I know this is my fault because I don’t make the first move. I myself don’t try to interact with other bloggers enough. I have realized this and I’m working on it. I also read somewhere that you should give a personal touch to your blog and I realized my blog doesn’t have that. I do want to make this blog about myself too, I want it to reflect my personaility and be original and I’m not sure how to do that.

Another reason comes from the fact that I’ve decided to make books my career. I want to study English Literature and I want to someday work in a publishing house, or write a book, or be an editor. Just anything that comes from my love of reading. And because of this I’ve been researching a lot. I’ve been trying to grow my blog, make plans and try new things. All this is good and it honestly makes me happy. But its stressful too.

The next one is something that I guess happens to all of us sometimes. Its the pressure of reading review copies. Even though I love getting them and I’m the one who eagerly accepts them, it feels like that’s all I’ve been doing for a long time. I don’t feel excited now at the prospect of reading because there’s always some review book or a book from my tbr that I need to read. It hurts me to say this, but its really been a long time since I have read a book with total peace of mind. I also made a goal at the beginning of this year to read all the books on my shelf that I owned before 2017. There are a lot of classics and some huge books on it and I’m realizing that I will not be able to do it.

I haven’t been journaling since this year began. Maybe I’ve just lost interest. I have thought about penning down my thoughts whenever I feel stressed but honestly, writing in my journal hasn’t helped me much before.

Another thing is bookstagram. Bookstagram is honestly a wonderful place and I am there all the time and I couldn’t be more grateful for the unbelievable amount of people who follow me. But lately I feel like my pictures are not up to the mark or I should have a theme or work harder on them. But the thing is that’s just not me. I’m not into photography. I love looking at pictures and I think its wonderful that people are passionate about it. There are bookstagrammers who spend so much time and effort in creating absolutely beautiful pictures and I really appreciate it. But its just not for me. I’m not good at taking pictures or editing them and the simple reason is that I’m not passionate about it. I joined bookstagram to share my reading progress and just talk about books and that’s what I’ll continue to do. Ofcourse, I’ll try my best to take good pictures but I’m not going to stress myself about it.

I want to be excited at the thought of reading and blogging and right now, its just not like that. I also really need to study and do school projects, but I’m procrastinating them because there’s just always some blogging stuff to do.

I think I might take a break from blogging but I’m not sure about it. I would like to just have some quiet time for studying and reading only when I want to.

This is the first time I’m sharing something like this on the Internet so I’m a little nervous. Anyways, if you read this post till the end, thank you. I really appreciate it.

I’d love to know if you guys have any thoughts for me.


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  1. Aw, I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. Maybe you should take a break; blogging should be something fun, not stressful! It might be good for you in the end. And I found myself relating to how you felt a lot, especially about friends; it took me forever to make my first blogger friend, and trust me, after that, it gets much easier to make friends. I hope you feel better ASAP!

  2. I understand how you feel and blogging should be fun … it is also hard work to be successful at it. If you are serious about blogging however, I would not recommend taking a break entirely. Maybe consider slowing your pace a bit. One of the secrets to successful blogging is consistency. I took a break of about six months and when I came back, I was amazed at how much ground I had lost. Fellow bloggers and subscribers who had been helpful and supportive had moved on. It is hard to gain that ground back. I am also a novelist. My first novel is due out this fall. I have attended several writers groups, seminars and conventions. At one such convention, I attended a session in which the presenter discussed writer’s block. I was suffering from that problem at that precise time. I had reached an impasse in my novel. The presenter said that writer’s block often occurs when you are not happy with the direction your project is moving in. You have lost your way. He was so correct. The particular section of the book I was working on was making me very unhappy and I could not focus on continuing it. After thinking about that, I deleted that entire section and moved on. It was exciting again and the book began to progress again. I discovered I did not need that section at all … it did not further the narrative. It was like a writing black hole sucking in all my creative energy and not giving me anything back in return. Once I deleted it, I was off and running again. While not precisely the same situation, there are similarities. If you are not having fun writing what you are writing on your blog, you may simply be writing the wrong thing. A very successful fiction mystery writer I met said that one of her secrets was to always make sure she was excited about what she was writing. It had to be fun for her. If she wasn’t having fun with it, she threw it out and started again. It made for exciting changes story lines. Anyway, good luck. Hope you will continue. I have enjoyed some of the posts I have seen you put out there so far.

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I will not completely move away from blogging but I might slow down or take a short break. I am defintely going to try your advice on writer’s block. Maybe it really is that the content i’m writing is something I’m not satisfied with. I’m going to try writing more freely and something I enjoy, I want to have fun writing and not make it a chore. I’m glad to know you have enjoyed my posts 🙂

  3. The review copies definitely add pressure, however much we all enjoy getting them. What I’d say is that we put that pressure on ourselves – I’m sure publishers don’t expect a review for every book they give out. I’m much choosier these days about what books I take for review to leave myself more time for the books I really want to read – it’s a hobby after all, and should be fun or what’s the point? The only way to make friends is to make sure you regularly visit and comment on chatty blogs… that’s the best advice I can give you. It’s time-consuming though, so best to pick a few blogs where the blogger reads the same kind of stuff you enjoy, and whose blog posts you enjoy. 🙂

  4. I can relate to a lot of what you are saying. I did that when I first started blogging. I was super excited to get started and dove right in, only to burn out fast. After two months I got lazy and all but stopped posted unless it was to review a book that I LOVED, and even those ended up shorted than my earlier reviews. I have honestly just started taking blogging seriously again, and have started enjoying it, and my blogiversary is this month, so I’ve really spent only a few months keeping a blog schedule.

    A break can be the best thing. Everyone needs some ‘me’ time where they just focus on what’s best for them, and what makes them happy. For me, that’s always been books, but like you, even those were becoming stressful. Always one more review, one more book I promised I would read, one more request! I stopped taking review requests for a while when I first came back, and am only now starting to take a few again, and only those I get really excited about reading. Just focus on what you want for a bit, and just enjoy yourself. Once you feel ready feel free to take blogging seriously again, but it’s not worth it if you no longer enjoy it.

    On the friends thing, I met more friends on bookstagram, and that was mostly when I started making candles. I have become good friends with the three girls who were my reps for a few months, and another girl who won my first giveaway. Beyond that I am only now started to meet other people, and start really making any connections. It will happen, but it takes a little effort on both sides. Start reaching out to a few people here and there, and you will find some who end of being real friends in time.

    Best of luck! I hope things get better, and you are able to enjoy reading and blogging again! Like I said, just take some ‘me’ time and see if that helps! 🙂

    1. Congratulations on the blogiversary. I’ve never had to take a break from anything so i was unsure but I am going to slow down for a bit and ,maybe take a short break. Thank you so much for all the advice! I really appreciate it.

  5. Even though I am new at blogging, I can relate. I have started other blogs and made Youtube channels to try and make friends that share the same interests as me. However, that never really works out because I never make the first move. Even in real life, I don’t make the first move when it comes to talking to people. I think that we should both try to push ourselves to talk to other bloggers and maybe those friendships could happen for both of us.

  6. Hey Tavleen, i know how most of it feels and if u wanna take a break you should i guess for a while. To sort your head out. Also Blogging is not just about reviewing new authors. It should also be about u. So i guess a break will help. To replan everything. As for friends, u have made a lot of people who read your blog which is clearly indicated by the likes and comments. Also we will make more friends together don’t worry. I share the same vision with you 💙💙
    Loads of love. Keep writing 😍

    1. Thanks 🙂 Taking to you these past days has been great. And you are right that blogging should be about me as well. I might take a break to sort things out and I think I need to figure out what I really want to write, Lots of love to you too 🙂

  7. Please go hug someone around you, for me and accept the virtual hugs I’m sending your way 💜🙆😄 I can relate about the friends thing even though I haven’t been bookstagramming as long and my blog’s not even live yet. Still I’ve observed that making friends is one of the hardest things online which I hadn’t expected initially.

  8. Blogging should definitely be a fun, positive experience. If it’s making you feel stressed, back away from the schedule. 🙂

    I would scale it back a bit and read a book because you really want to.

  9. This is the first post i read on your blog and i totally reciprocate with your feelings. I am also new to both blogging world and bookstagram community. And to tell you frankly i am quite intimidated by the people who are already there.
    But i want to give a piece of advice here. Don’t read books for the purpose of blogging only. Read because you love it. Write because you love it. Only because when you love something you do then only you can excel in it. I am currently juggling between my work and my passion. So not able to give proper time to my blog. But whatever tiny-miny I post I don’t do with a feeling of burden. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and excited by just assimilating the fact that I am doing something I love, that I am persuing my passion.

    1. Hey! I’m sorry that this had to be the first post you read from blog, not all are as gloomy as this!
      But thanks a lot for your advice. I want to love what I write and read what I love. I want to be excited by blogging. Will keep what you said in mind 🙂

  10. First, this happens to EVERYONE. All book bloggers. ESPECIALLY ME. I disappear ALL THE TIME. Don’t feel at all bad. Take the time you need. That quiet space is important, and so is school. Don’t let your blog rule you! Stay in charge.

    Second, you said that you are longing for blogging friends, and that you are pulling to your classics shelves. May I recommend a {completely relaxed} online group found through Twitter? It’s called The Classics Club. Basically it’s hundreds of extremely friendly people blogging about the classics, and tweeting their blog posts so they can find one another’s remarks. There is ABSOLUTELY no pressure to participate. It’s just a way to find others who are blogging on the classics.

    The purpose of the club is to make a list of fifty classics you want to read in five years {at your blog.} That sounds intimidating, but your goal is your own to attend to {no one cares if you have to stop and study, or don’t actually complete the list in five years, or change your mind about titles a hundred times.} It’s just a way to connect, share, and find like minds who love the classics. Rereads are encouraged!

    Their information is available here {@ourclassicsclub} if you’re interested. Just go to the website linked on their Twitter feed.

    I hope that’s of use. I think it could be a way for you to connect with people. Cheers!

    1. Oh, & I just read through your comments. I love the suggestion from someone above that possibly you’re not blogging what you WANT to blog about. MAYBE what you want to do is journal about the classics {or whatever it is you want to read} rather than “review.” Reviewing is not the same as journaling. AT ALL.

      I’m going to tweet you a post I wrote at my site about the difference between a “review” site and a “reading journal.” I don’t know if it’s at all relevant to you. but I feel like you might be in a place where you’re breaking out of the structure a bit. I’ll send it in a sec. {I’d put it here, but I hate it when people self advertise in their neighbor’s comment box.}


  11. The only advice I have about the first point is to just be yourself. I know it sounds cliche, but my blog is one of the places where I feel I can be super authentic, and because of that, I’ve actually had great conversations, and I’ve even gained a few friends 🙂

  12. Reading is one of life’s greatest joyful pastimes. It should never feel like a chore or something you dread for any reason. If you are feeling this way I suggest you take a step back and regroup. You’ll find the joy again. Also, forgive me for this (I’m a retired library cataloger and I’m very picky) I suggest you proofread your posts before publishing them. Little errors can put some people off… an example from this post “I love how many people read my blog, commen and followit.”
    I’ve often found this type of error on my own blog and I try to edit out the errors as soon as I find them.
    Blogging is very time-intensive and is hard work. I think to be successful it should be a labor of love. As to friends…. I think you get back what you give. Therefore if you spend a lot of time reading other bloggers posts, sharing them on Twitter and reacting via comments etc. you will find that they will often reciprocate.
    I hope you find your joy again soon, and I’m sending you happy thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much for your advice 🙂 After all the lovely comments and views, I feel much better now.
      It’s completely understandable. Even I find errors off-putting. I do proofread my posts but somehow this one slipped. Thanks for pointing it out so that I could correct it 🙂

  13. Exactly why I don’t have a bookstagram! I started this blog just for the fun of it. But I make sure to always read peacefully, without any pressure of reviews. You could limit the review books you receive, so that you can read more books of your own choice, at your own leisure!
    P.S- I’m following your bookstagram, i actually like it that you focus more on reading love than pictures; it’s always better that way.

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