I’ll Keep Writing #NaPoWriMo 30

For as long as I can remember
I have woken up each day
With a to-do list in my head
It’s not such a bad thing
I’ve always been a girl with a plan
But what my over-ambitious and optimistic brain doesn’t comprehend
Is that the best laid plans
May not even be decent plans
They may turn out to be nothing at all
I wish I was as good at improv
As I am at creating a plan of action
Alas, I’m still figuring out
To strike that sweet balance
Between preparation and spontaneity
Alas, I’m still figuring out
How not to completely crumble
When life knocks down
All the dominoes
I carefully set in my path
But until then
I’ll keep my pen and paper close
I’ll keep writing my lists
And even if I have to tear them up
I think it’s pretty clear by now
I’m not running out of ink
And I’m definitely not running out of words.

– Tavleen

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