An Alternative Version of You #NaPoWriMo Day 29

If I sit still
For just a moment
Close my eyes
And clear my mind
I can’t feel the earth move
But I can feel my soul being lifted
Until I’m sending beside
Another version of me
An alternative version of me

She smiles and laughs
And the crowd laughs with her
Not at her
She dazzles the world
With her witty remarks
And her captivating prose
Her hands are filled with presents
Her mouth rains down kindness
There is nothing in her pathway
Indestructible and invincible
Her spirit reaches for anything she desires
Without a second thought
Her fears are afraid to touch her
When her world collapses
She stands up one inch taller

She notices me and stares back
And what I see confuses me
She looks at me the same way
I look at her
Envy and longing mirroring in her eyes
I look down at myself
And I’m lost
Unable to see what she does

She explains
She likes what I’m wearing
She likes how I glow
She can see my life
And she wants it more than her own

At that moment
I open my eyes
I grab a paper and write something down
So that I can remember it
And you can too

If you try to find
An alternative version of you
It wouldn’t have your flaws
I wouldn’t blame you
If you try to find that
Because I did too
But you can always work on those
What you wouldn’t find
Are all the particles joined together
That created you
What you wouldn’t find
Is the unique mixture of idiosyncrasies
That is you.

– Tavleen

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