Top 5 Wednesday #3: Books I Wish Had Sequels

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey from Ginger Reads Lainey and is now hosted by Samantha from Thoughts on Tomes. You can also check out the Goodreads group.

Here are 5 Books I Wish Had Sequels.

1. Gone with the Wind By Margaret Mitchell

Gone with the Wind cover.jpg

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This masterpiece of a book ends on a cliffhanger. It does have sequels but they are written by different authors. I really wish there was a sequel written by Margaret Mitchell herself.


2. The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan 

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The only reason is that the ending to this amazing series wasn’t satisfactory.


3. The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

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I’m so curious to know what happens in Charlie’s life after this book. One book just isn’t enough for a character like him. Hmm..maybe I’ll look up some fanfiction 🙂


4. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

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I just want more of these characters and their beautiful story!


5. 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

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I recently read this book and it was like nothing I’ve read before. I was sad to complete it and wanted more. I’ll also be posting a full review of it soon!


What are some of the books you wish had sequels. Let me know down below.

0 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #3: Books I Wish Had Sequels”

  1. Eleanor & Park! I forgot about the ending to that one, I would have included it. I definitely would love a sequel! Or, like, a novella. Something more. 😀

  2. Gosh, I totally agree with the Perks of Being a Wallflower. Honestly, I just wish Stephen Chbosky would write something else- Perks was such a poignant, devastating and profound read, and I grew so incredibly attached to the characters. I love it as it is- it obviously doesn’t NEED a sequel, but sometimes you just want to touch base and check on your favorite characters. 🙂

    1. I agree! It doesn’t need a sequel but I will never be ready to say goodbye to that story and characters. I was so dissappointed when I found out that Stephen Chbosky doesn’t have any other books. I did like the movie adaptation 🙂

  3. I haven’t read Gone with the Wind. I often think about it, but it’s one of those books that’s so ingrained in American culture that I feel I know so much about it that reading it wouldn’t be worthwhile. I also have never been able to watch the movie straight through. :/

    1. We all have our books that we often think about reading but never get too 🙂 For me, this huge book was really worthwhile as I didn’t know much about various themes in it. I also really liked the movie! Anyways, thanks for commenting 😀

      1. Yeah, Pride and Prejudice is also on my lists of books I should but never actually do read. I know so much about it. I’ve seen both movies multiple times. I started reading it once, but it just seemed so familiar that I couldn’t go on. Maybe I should start with some other Austen first.

        1. The only book by Jane Austen I’ve read is Pride and Prejudice and watched a few adaptations too. I bought Sense and Sensibility about a year ago but never got around to reading it.

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